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    Let’s talk about the not so popular topic of toilets.

    I had an email over the weekend to tell me about the problem finding accessible toilets. To be specific, the emailer had gone to an accessible toilet at 3pm on a Friday only to find it was locked! Not much point in that unless it was part of the MLAK program and the visitor had an MLAK.

    What’s an MLAK I hear you ask? Good question.

    The Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) is an innovative system that enables people with disabilities to gain 24/7 access to a network of public facilities.

    The MLAK system has been fitted to elevators at railway stations, accessible toilets in Council municipalities and National Parks and in adaptive playground equipment across Australia.

    People with a disability are able to purchase an MLAK master key which will open all toilets, playgrounds and other facilities which are fitted with this specially designed lock.

    So, has anyone out there had any experience with an MLAK?


    Wow – this is great information! I’ve just returned from travelling with a friend who often uses a wheelchair, and there were numerous occasions when we went on the hunt for the accessible toilet in a cafe, restaurant or public space. So many times we managed to locate it (in itself not always an easy thing), only to find it locked . . and then had to find a staff person to go and find the key . . you wouldn’t want to be busting!!

    An accessible toilet also seems to often double as a storage area, so even after getting in the door, getting to the toilet is another challenge!

    Who can tell us how or where to go to get a MLAK??

    Having one of these would certainly help in some situations, but in many others, the answer is simply increased awareness on the part of businesses, organisations and their staff who deal with the general population. Sites like this one go a long way towards solving that problem. The more people with mobility challenges are able to travel, the greater the general awareness will be and the faster it will grow.

    All strength to CanGoEverywhere!


    You can find out more about the MLAK by going to the Master Locksmith website at

    Another handy guide can be found on the Spinal Cord Injuries Australia website. They have a directory of MLAK-enabled facilities across Australia.

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