Go off road with a Wheelchair Accessible Camper Trailer from Evolution Caravans

March 10, 2016   |   Melissa (admin)

Kakadu Chameleon is a wheelchair accessible camper trailer from Evolution Caravans.

For many people with a disability, touring Australia can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re planning on heading off the beaten track to remote areas.
Kakadu’s Chameleon camper trailer is designed to make touring Australia not just achievable for everyone, but make it comfortable and luxurious for all.

Featuring most of the same features as the Scorpion camper trailer, the Chameleon additionally features wheelchair access throughout, including a large custom ensuite. It also includes a hidden wheelchair platform that conveniently slides away under the camper trailer and a fold away wheelchair access ramp which is easily stored away on the rear bumper bar.

  • Wheelchair access throughout including large custom ensuite
  • Hidden wheelchair platform that slides away under the camper
  • Fold away wheelchair ramp, this is easily stored awayon the rear bumper bar
  • Remote control “Hydra-Lift” hydraulic rooof lift and front slide-out. This system has been created exclusively by Kakadu Camper and is Patent Pending.
  • Full ensuite with sperate shower, toilet and basin
  • Approximately 5 minute set up and pack up time
  • Island bed
  • Large internal kitchen
  • Luxury camper
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Reduced travel costs due to less wind resistance by way of the low profile shape
  • Other extra options available
  • Many colours to choose from

Check out this short video of the hydraulic roof in action – making packing up a breeze!


For more information about the wheelchair accessible options in caravans and camper trailers, contact Evolution Caravans on (03) 5977 8194.



  • David Brind says:

    Interested anything regarding wheelchair accessable campers and caravans

  • Hi David,
    You should definitely give Evolution Caravans a call – they work directly with you to customise a van to suit your individual needs.

  • Matt says:

    Hi do you have any photos or videos of the inside?
    What weight is it?


  • Hi there Matt,
    You should get in touch with Evolution Caravans for more details.
    Their number is (03) 5977 8194

  • peter sullivan says:

    looking for accessable accomodation /wheel chair showers ect

  • looking for accessable accomodation /wheel chair showers ect/East coast of australia

  • Valerie Gear says:

    This is my Kakadu Chameleon Wheelchair Accessible Camper Trailer, that is in the photos, and video. I designed the Prototype, and had Bob from Evolution Caravans, Epping Vic build it for me.

    I name it the Chameleon, because it changes from a Camper Trailer into a Full Size Caravan, (it did not change colour though). I designed it as a Camper Trailer, so it was lighter, and it could be towed behind my sv6 VC Holden Commode Wagon. I needed a Camper Trailer, that I could use the toilet, and shower, as not many Caravan Parks, or Camping Places catering for a Wheelchair Person, who cannot get out of their wheelchair. Motels/Hotels worked out to expensive, and sometimes hard to find that catered for my needs, or the room was already booked.

    I love my Camper Trailer, and have used it 3 times in 12 months (it is 12 months old).

    I have just purchased a Holden Colorado (I seem to always do things backwards), so now I can tow, and I want to upgrade to a full size Caravan, so if there is anyone out there, or knows of someone, that would like to purchase my Kakadu Chameleon Wheelchair Camper Trailer it is up for sale.

  • Pj says:

    Hi Valerie
    I would be interested

  • Anonymous says:

    I had a message sent to me from Ellen from Evolution Caravans with your phone number. I will give you a call

  • Greg says:

    My wife Lyn and I have owned a wheelchair accessible Evolution 21’Luxliner van for over two years now. Absolutley love it. Has given us the ability to travel pretty much everywhere in the country. Have travelled across the country twice and am about to leave from Perth to head east again next month.

    Ellen & Bob from Evolution will build to suit your needs.

  • TIM says:

    can anybody with a chameleon give me some feedback on it mainly the bed set up and the set up and pack up

  • JNS says:

    Hi there, I would be interested if anyone is selling? Also curious to hear of the price?

  • Greg says:

    Our 21′ Luxliner from Evolution was $67,000 ex factory back in 2015. This did not include delivery costs or registration as we are in WA. Of course, the cost will depend on your own requirements and the bits and pieces you specify but ours is very well equipped and is very solidly built. We have taken it across some very rough roads and not a thing has moved
    The Luxliner is a full size caravan with the pull out platform and ramp system described above as used by the camper. There are pictures of one on the Evolution web site.
    If you want pretty much any modification to suit your disability, Bob will do it if he can. I revisited Evolutions factory in Melbourne in May of this year and Bob showed me an accessible van he was building with a large monorail track built into the ceiling for an electric bed hoist the same as many hospitals have.
    Don’t let your disability stop you seeing this great country of ours. Now with our luxury flat on the back we are seeing remote and beautiful places that we just could not go to before due to lack of suitable accommodation.

  • jenny says:

    Do they rent them out??

  • Brett Beesley says:

    Hi guy’s,

    I too am curious if anyone knows of a place or person who will rent out a wheelchair accessible caravan?

  • Diana Blazevic says:

    Hi Brett
    I was just wondering if you found a place that will rent out a wheelchair accessible caravan. We are in need of one for our holiday.

  • Diana Blazevic says:

    Hi Diana,
    No sorry I have not been able to find a single place that has accessible caravans for hire…
    If you have success in finding one could you please let me know. You can email me direct at beesleybrett@hotmail.com

  • Chrissy says:

    In our opinion http://www.Accessavan.com.au are the most reliable and straight (not shonky) accessible van manufacturer in Australia by far.

    The Manager there Anthony, is in a wheelchair himself, and he guarantees his finish is the best, after market service the ultimate, and cost the lowest for his quality, plus he gives a 5 year guarantee.

    We could not be happier in our brilliant Accessavan with no troubles at all for many years.

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